Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kaiane Aldorino - Miss World 2009

Just a very quick post to congratulate the beautiful Kaiane Aldorino - the new reigning Miss World - who has well and truly put Gibraltar on the map.

Needless to state there was lots of noise, fireworks and general partying-on last night as people celebrated Kaiane's success.

I'm guessing there are loads of people who haven't even heard of Gibraltar. But for those of you who haven't, or haven't visited, there are indeed a lot of beautiful young women. Sitting on the bus, or wandering around the streets, let alone going down the beach - you are always guaranteed to see some beauty.

Nor is beauty confined to young women. Older women are incredibly smart, polished, and very attractive.

Maybe it's a result of Gibraltar's eclectic and unique heritage and culture. The people here are not British. They are not Spanish. Nor are they Italian, Maltese, Portguese, or North African. But over the years, the multi-cultural society that is Gibraltar today, has absorbed people from all these countries to result in the individual and distinctive population that makes up Gibraltar.

A Miss World with a difference. Very well done, Kaiane. Hope you enjoy your year in office. You will be an excellent ambassador for Gibraltar.

Photo courtesy of Miss Gibraltar website here