Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tall ships - tall stories

So the Hardworking Partner had a good time the other night (in Gibraltar).

After flogging himself to death repainting the flat, ie covering vile coats of dark coloured paint with three or four coats of white he finally knocked off for the night.

Off to the bar where he meets some friendly Swedish people. Lars and Sven or whatever Swedish people are called. And Peter the cameraman.

They had lots of games of pool and then they all drifted off together to go and get something to eat.

"Come and visit our ship tomorrow, at 11 o'clock, for a tour on board."

So he did. Here are some of the pics.

He didn't get on board though. Lars and Peter never came off the boat.

Hey guys. Nice ship. Good evening had by all. Don't make offers that you aren't going to fulfill.

Hardworking Partner wasted an hour or so sitting down at the port waiting for you to show up.

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