Monday, October 27, 2008

Wicked partner

A couple of tourists were talking about Trafalgar Day (21 Oct) which I wrote about here in October last year.

Partner was eavesdropping as usual. Apparently the couple was confused about the battle. Have to say I am too, as it is not my period of history but it seems that the Brits under Nelson were fighting a joint fleet of French and Spanish ships.

Anyway, Partner walked past with the dog and said "Good evening" in his best British accent.

Whereupon the tourist said: "All the foreigners who live here can speak perfect English."

Partner decided to be doubly difficult and said: "Gracias, que pases un buen noche."

Whereupon they looked very confused.

His other line is usually, "Even when they come from the valleys." (of Wales).

I do hope he isn't putting off the tourists.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Up the Rock (1)

With the advent of autumn and a drop in the temperatures, I have finally been motivated to move my idle self away from the computer and get out and enjoy the beauty of the Rock.

Although Gibraltar is such a small place there are plenty of options for walks - city, maritime, historical, - on the flat, or hiking up the Rock.

Anyway, as I've slacked so much for ages, I decided to start a gradual programme of different routes up the Rock. It's always satisfying to charge uphill and see those calf muscles looking sturdy again.

So here are some pix from my walk at the weekend onto the Nature Reserve of the Upper Rock (some taken with the mobile as the camera batteries were playing up).

Entrance to the nature reserve

Looking down into bahia de Algeciras

One of the many rings embedded into the Rock, used for hauling guns up until early C20

A couple of autumnal plants

Information about the Royal Anglian Way

One of many disused batteries (Rooke), sadly fallen into disrepair

Grooming time

And another couple

The lower end of the Royal Anglian Way near Hayne's Cave Battery

A solo monkey sits atop the gateway through Charles V wall

Monkeys wandering round a mirador (viewpoint)

This one clearly has a head for heights

And is obviously bored with having his photo taken

The Union Jack Steps - start (or end) of a walk from town up the hillside

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fedra aground at Europa Point

Friday night saw torrential rain and violent winds.

But we slept safely in our beds while rescue services from Spain and Gibraltar saved the 31 strong crew from the 35,000 ton cargo ship, MV Fedra, which ran aground at Europa Point in the severe gale (sources report between Force 8 and Force 12).

The ship is Liberian registered and owned by a Greek shipping company.

Excellent work by the rescue services and apparently the crew have been released from hospital to a local hotel.

So, I thought it was time for a wander up to look. As did the rest of Gib and the south of Spain.

Police were positioned at the entrance to Europa Point, and cars and pedestrians were not allowed to enter.

Still, I finally managed to get some pix. I should add that I did not cross any police tape, or go anywhere that was closed off.

Hmm, not much to see here

Tape. No go area

Nice view of the mosque, lots of police cars, still no action

Oh, this is more like it, I can see part of a ship

In fact, here are two parts of the same ship, just not together

And another shot

A gun turret on the clifftop where I was wandering perilously to get a decent angle

Close-up - see the tiny people on there?

I guess I got more pix than most people who went up there today - and were turned back.

Sources: Gibfocus, Lloyd's List