Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In with the new ......

So much for being Expat Blog of the Month. Life has got in the way, and haven't had time to blog since last month.

Anyway, to finish off the cookery saga.....

The following day was more of the same. Partner set to work and removed the hob, which I advertised on Freecycle and received an immediate response. They agreed to collect it that evening. He removed the rest of the wooden surface and started on the remaining brickwork. It was hard going though, and by the end of the day I could see the bubble coming out of his head that said 'I wish I'd never agreed to this.'

Completely cookerless - we cleared off out for a meal. The obligatory food photo.

The next day, Partner decided to stop faffing around with his manual tools and went to hire a Kango. Zzzzzzzzz he went. Even more dust flew all over, but the bricks came tumbling down somewhat faster than the previous day. By lunchtime he was finished - and I rang the shop to say we were ready for the cooker to be delivered.

But no. This was Friday and no delivery was available until Monday. Gloom. Except, suspecting this might happen, I had made a reserve plan - go out and buy a slow cooker.

Cheaper than eating out for the next three days, and the truth is, one meal out a week is more than enough for us both. I just could not face eating out again over the weekend. And, it did at least give us chance to tidy up and get rid of the rubble. All 28 sacks of it - if we could find someone to take it to the tip for us........... (we did).

By the third day of slow cooker food, I was desperately hoping the cooker would be delivered on Monday. And it was. He is quite adorable. He is called Ken, as he is model Kensington.

It is gloriously efficient. The oven is multi-functional - cooks from top down, bottom up, fan or conventional and some other stuff too. The grill has two elements, there are five hob elements - one of which is double, and there is a huge conventional oven as well. I am so pleased with it I keep wiping him clean - that should indicate how deliriously happy I am.

Ironically, there are probably only three real dishes that I had been missing without an oven - roast potatoes, baked pasta dishes, and pie, glorious pie made with shortcrust pastry.

Whatever. As someone who was a confirmed gas cooker person, and dubiously invested in a (gas) Rayburn - which turned out to be wonderful, I have to say that I am truly impressed with this electric cooker. So for a good cooker that isn't cheap, but isn't silly money, I highly recommend the Belling Kensington.