Friday, April 13, 2007

Men's talk

We were offered a free cockerel - I think.

Partner was out messing around with his Land Rover in the street and one of the local guys who lives out the back came past on his quad.

I say "out the back" because that's how everyone describes someone who doesn't live right in the middle of the village.

Apparently he had some fertilised eggs for the guy who works at the horse stables over the road.

Did we want any?

"Well, thanks, but we've actually got a couple of chickens."

"What about a cockerel then?"

"Well, I used to have one, but sadly he died," said partner.

"I've got plenty, you can have another one," said Man from Out The Back. "Get on the back of the quad and we can go and get it now."

"Can't do that, I'm painting my Land Rover."

"Ah, well, some other time," and off he cleared on his quad.

So fast forward to this evening's dog walk, and who does partner meet but Man from Out The Back on his quad.

"What about that cockerel then?" he says again.

"Well what do you want from me?" says partner suspiciously, because you don't get anything for free round here.

"Nothing," he says innocently. "Anyway, you like animals, my mate Pepe says so. You always treat your dog well, and you don't just throw him out in the street like some of your neighbours.

"Where did you get your dog from anyway?" he added.

"Off the street, he was wandering round for ages," says partner.

"Yes, I know," says Man from Out The Back.

Typical Spanish conversation that.

"So anyway, if you come past in the morning, I'll give you a cockerel. A nice small one.

"And then I'll bring you back home on the quad," he said.

"Oh, and if I'm not around, just hang about, because I won't be long. I'll be back home before you've even managed to get half way down the hill.

"I'm off to the bar now. "

"I don't go to the bar," said partner.

"I know," said Man from Out The Back. Well that was obvious because everyone round here knows exactly what you do and don't do.

"I don't have the money for it," added partner. He could have added he didn't have the inclination but that wouldn't have been polite. "I like a beer at home though."

"That's all right, everyone always has a drink at home. I need to go to the bar because I can sell my horses and other animals through the bar. But you don't need to go. So I'll see you tomorrow then?"

And off he went to the bar. And Busy Partner came home to tell me of his appointment for the morning after.

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