Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A new cockerel.....part 2

So the day after, (Men's talk) partner decides the best plan of action is to put a bird cage on the back of one of the bikes.

The cockerel would have plenty of space in there, and it meant there wouldn't be Man from Out The Back, husband and a cockerel all hanging off the back of a quad.

Although I did suggest Man from Out The Back might insist on putting the whole lot on the back of the quad, including the bike. We've seen stranger things.

Then he gets a supermarket carrier bag and sticks a few cans of beer in - remember, you don't get anything for nothing, so it is at least courteous to take something. And Man from Out the Back clearly drinks, as he's always zapping past on his way to the bar.

So partner walks up to the house and there is an old dear sitting outside on a sofa.

"Where's Juan?" he says.

"He's not here," says the old dear. Slim, old, and 84. Looked fit as a lop.

"He went out early this morning with another bloke, and he had a very bad head.

"Give me your hand," she adds.

"Why?" says partner suspiciously.

"Well because you are very handsome," she says and then grabs his hand and kisses it. He was glad the gate was locked from the outside and she couldn't escape.

So he went off round the corner to sit and wait for Juan (Man from Out The Back). In fact, he started drinking one of the cans of beer that he had taken for Juan.

After the proscribed 20 minutes and there was no Juan, he came back home.

So no cockerel that day. But hey, mañana, mañana.

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