Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Three Stooges

Usually there are three of them. But they are not always the same three. We never see four of them. Maybe they don't all get on.

Our neighbour - who turned 80 this year - has suddenly taken up walking a few miles round the local country tracks.

When we first came here, he was busy renovating his house, his daughter's house, looking after his chickens, growing veg, bringing on flower cuttings.

Now he doesn't do any of that any more, so he goes out with his huge cane with a couple of other village guys and walks two or three miles every morning.

His wife hates leaving the house. I think she has agoraphobia. He definitely doesn't. He hates being inactive and stuck inside the house.

Sometimes he has a bad leg, but he looks as well now as he has done for a while.

I think it's pretty good. When I lived in the UK I didn't know a lot of guys who went out for a three mile walk every day. Well done Jose.

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