Saturday, April 07, 2007

"You're going to fall"

The neighbours have not had good luck.

Our winter jasmine flowers are starting to fade now, and I will soon need to cut them all back.

Last year, I was busy clambering on the wall with a nine or ten foot drop to the street. Not too high, but not a good idea to lose your footing.

So there I am like a little monkey, chopping back the jasmine, hanging onto the steelwork, and one foot on a step ladder.

Wickety witch from next door passes by and says: "You're going to fall."

That's great isn't it. Thanks, really thoughtful neighbour. How about, "Take care, dear."

I didn't fall. Fortunately. But a few weeks later her daughter's husband fell down on the football pitch, he had stitches up to his knee, and his leg was in plaster for a couple of months.

He was out of work anyway, but that meant another few months without work too.

Bad feng shui I say wishing me to fall. And the jasmine flowered beautifully this year.

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