Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A nice drive

We were idly driving round Gibraltar trying to find a parking space - as you do - when we suddenly found we were locked into a one-way system of no return.

Ah well, what better to do on a nice sunny afternoon than have a tour round the promontory?

And then have a nice rest. So we all had a stop at Little Bay.

I took some photos.
The dog had a few peepees. I had a bottle of beer. Driving partner walked the dog and wished he had turned right down the hill towards Ragged Staff Gates and gone to the usual car park instead of hitting the Rosia Road.

Then we went through a long tunnel. That was exciting.

For once I didn't have an attack of paranoia that the Landy wouldn't go through the small gap hacked out of the rock. There are so many MoD Land Rovers in Gibraltar that everything must be made Land Rover sized.

Down to Europa Point we went, past the mosque, and then back round on the top road.

And back to the car park where we normally park.

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