Thursday, May 03, 2007

Regimental Day

Gibraltar oozes history. It also buzzes with life.

At the weekend there was a superb piece of live history when the Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RGR) paraded through the town.

The regiment celebrated its Regimental Day and it's 68th anniversary by exercising its Freedom of the City.

The events began at midday on Saturday with a Ceremonial Guard Mount outside the Convent (Main Street).

Afterwards the regiment marched down Main Street, from Referendum Gate to Casemates Hill.

Since being granted the Freedom of the City in 1971 the Royal Gibraltar Regiment has aimed to exercise that Freedom every two years.

Under the provisions of the Freedom of the City the Regiment can march with bayonets fixed, swords drawn and Colours flying.

The parade was accompanied by the Regiment’s own Band and Corps of Drums, and visiting members from the Pipes and Drums of the London Scottish Regiment.  

In recent years the regiment has become more important as it took over the defence of the Rock, which is a key logistical base for the British military establishment and Nato.

Soldiers from the RGR have been deployed to conflict areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq where they have gained battle frontline experience.

Adrian for photos and being there

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