Monday, June 11, 2007

Good results

Two good reports.

First - the Royal Gibraltar Police Traffic Control Department.

Well, I said they had responded mega-fast to my request for No Parking signs.

And the signs were up there, on the spot, well in advance, to ask people not to park there during the day on Wednesday.

Thanks very much, RGP, superb service.

Hey, note the police signs, just by the bin?

And secondly, the removal firm was great too. MoveIt. The only firm I have ever - I mean ever - used twice. And that included storage too.

All their packing of delicate goods and furniture has been as good as, or better than anyone else.

The guys turned up at the frontier - early - but so was I. Off round to the Spanish side to tell the Guardia Civil who I was, and then off to the Gib side to import a load of old furniture.

Officer in Gib customs asked me how old the stuff was - "Well, as old as me, more or less" - so that seemed to dull his interest, and I got the all-important slip of paper to import the furniture with a resale value of zilch pounds.

And then we all drove up to GibFlat, parked outside, and the cool guys unloaded the furniture. Polite, efficient, hard-working, and courteous. Thanks guys.

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