Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One good turn.....

.....deserves another.

The other day Shopping Partner came back from hunter-gathering, and unloaded the Land Rover Santana. Which is parked on the street outside the house.

We carefully unpacked everything and started cooking lunch.

I say we, he actually did everything, but the principle is the same.

An hour or so later the neighbours called out.

"Is that yours?"

Is what ours?....

Shopping, Cooking, Unloading Partner had only left his bag containing vehicle papers, passport, reading glasses, Swiss Army Knife, Multiplier, Georgio Armani sunglasses (that I always resented paying for) sitting outside on the bonnet for an hour or two.

Clearly the village is still pretty honest.

So the other morning when DogWalking Partner went past next door's house, he noticed the car window was wide open.

He called for Jose, who came out and promptly opened the door (unlocked) to check nothing had been stolen.

The CD player was still there and everything was obviously untouched.

Seems the younger part of the family had gone to the beach for the evening, rolled back home around 3.30 am - after a few drinks down the beach with their mates - and just fallen out of the car and staggered into the house. Obviously without securing the car.

Jose went off to berate the younger generation and Partner continued dogwalking. He doesn't usually go that way, total coincidence, and no damage had been done. But it doesn't hurt to look out for your neighbours - or anyone really.


Kerrio said...

wow - that IS honest.

Mind you I've never worryed about being burgled here. we have a wolfie-alarm.

Rodrigo said...

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