Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Bedford Story - the end as we know it

They picked up the radiator. And dropped it off down the beach.

They also went to check out the camp sites in town to see if there was space so Bedford Truck Man could avoid getting towed off the beach by the police.

En route they picked up the water pump to bring back here, and Helpful Partner welded a bolt on the front of it to prevent the fan flying off the water pump and going through the radiator again.

BTM walked down to the 'phone box to find out about the second-hand rad he was supposed to be getting from the UK.

He came back. We gave him another beer. And his water pump.

The rad from England seemed to have vanished into the aire.

Next day, Helpful Partner wandered down to the beach to see how things were going.

BTM had fitted the water pump and put back the broken radiator.

After all, he had driven from Tarifa to here without a functioning water pump. Good truck.

When the police turned up again, he showed them his booking for the camp site in town, so they knew he would be gone from the beach as soon as he was sorted. No jail. No court. No homeless woman and daughter.

BTM and his woman enjoyed the tomatoes we had given them. They liked the photos that we had printed off too.

He didn't seem bothered about the radiator any more. Although he had asked if he could use our address to get a radiator delivered from the UK, he seemed to have changed his mind. He could use the camp site address.

Next day, Helpful Partner went down the beach. They were gone. He went to the camp site. The snotty staff person wouldn't let him in (and he was on his very best expensive disc-braked bike!).

Partner peered through the fencing but couldn't see their truck.

We guess they got it going and just cleared off. They hadn't exactly had a lot of luck here, so in their place we wouldn't have stayed either.

Helpful Partner drove him round and tried to help. BTM offered 20€ - for diesel or welding or whatever help - but Partner refused. We've been helped in the past.

We hope they are ok - wherever they are.


Frasypoo said...

Did they atleast thankyou ?

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Sort of. At the very beginning.

But later. To be honest . No.

It isn't why he helped though. He wasn't looking for thanks. Or money.

And they had other things to think about.

Just another story.