Saturday, July 07, 2007

Discovering naval history in Gib

Weekends in Gib are great. There are less people, less cars and it is quiet.

A good day to go for a walk and look at some naval heritage.

Here is a statue of Admiral Lord Nelson facing the Trafalgar cemetery. We pass it every day. The whole area is beautifully maintained with exotic sub-tropical gardens.

First stop the 100 ton gun, at Napier of Magdala Battery.

Closed. To revamp the exhibition. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The inconvenience was not huge. The walk was nice anyway. The views of Rosia Bay and the Bay of Algeciras are always interesting.

Pilot boat in Rosia Bay

Bahia de Algeciras

So off we went to Parson's Lodge, just round the corner.

Also closed.

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust won an international award for the excellent work that had been carried out restoring the gun battery so it is a shame to see it closed in the summer holiday season.

Everyone wants to go to the top of the Rock and see the apes. And that's what we did on our first trip.

But there is more to Gibraltar. The historical heritage is incredible. I say this as someone with my first degree in history and archaeology - and the place just oozes history. Love it.

It's one of the reasons we bought a flat there.

We have also joined the Heritage Trust to try and give our support. And if we can volunteer to do anything to promote Gibraltar's history and heritage we will.

Because it would be good to see tourists and travellers enjoying everything Gibraltar has to offer, as well as the apes and the top of the Rock.

Coast artillery searchlight and guns at Parson's Lodge

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