Saturday, July 21, 2007

More books... nine down one to go

I have thought of another fave book.

Actually it's a cheat. It's not a book, it's an author. In fact it's a big cheat. It's three, or at least two authors. Now, coming from Yorkshire, how could I not include the Brontes? Or at least the ones who wrote Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Wuthering Heights. Not too keen on Jane Eyre I have to say.

I have just re-read Blue's tag challenge and it said five books. But Blue posted ten originally.

So I am going to go for ten too. The tenth one comes later.

Oh and the pix are the only Bronte book I have. Sadly, that martyrish Jane Eyre one. What a horrible pic to have at the front of the book. It would probably be banned these days. Miserable book anyway in my opinion. Although the other two I have mentioned are hardly the cheeriest books under the sun. I might read it again though. It cost 2/6, it says so at the front. I think my mum bought it.

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Kerrio said...

We have very different book taste! I tried to read a few Brontes when I was younger and just could not get into them.

Oh well life would be boring if we were all the same!