Friday, August 17, 2007

Gibraltar - or Alcatraz?

Here is another Gibpic. I mean Alcatraz.

I am slightly racked off. A friend of many years sent me a postcard. She had been to Alcatraz and said it reminded her of Gibraltar.

"Rocks, military buildings, guns etc," she wrote.

I haven't been to Alcatraz. As far as I am aware it is an island. Gibraltar is not an island. Alcatraz was discovered in the eighteenth century. Gibraltar's heritage is far older than that. It has been British for more than 300 years. Before that it was Spanish and Moorish. It is truly multi-cultural.

They are both called The Rock. That is a fair point. They both have military buildings and guns - as do a lot of other places. Gibraltar was a garrison, but not a military prison. It has certainly never been a high-security prison - for which Alcatraz is best known.

I write and tell her I have bought a small flat in - to me, a nice location - and the next thing I get is a snotty comment telling me it is like the best-known high-security prison in the world.

Friends. Huh.

Oh, it was cloudy in Gib today - although sunny on the other side of the frontier in Spain.


Balboa & Mommy said...

Aren't some friends wonderful.

It doesn't matter where you live, how much space you have, or what other people think, as long as you love your home~that's all that matters!


Kerrio said...

If she put a manic laughing smiley at the end of the post card - would it have helped?

That's the trouble with text - jokes go flat! (unlike the rock)

Michele, Ruby's Mom said...

I've been to Alcatraz and trust me, from the pictures I've seen you post there is absolutely, positively, no comparisons...joke or not.

If you are happy (and Pippa too) that is all that counts!