Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Witty weasel?

I ended up looking at a couple of totally different blogs today and found this book quiz on one of them.

After half a dozen questions you are described as a book. I'm not sure what I think. Who's going to deny they are good, interesting, clever and witty? I'm certainly not (denying it), and anyway, naturally I am all those things.

And yes, I do have a serious side, and yes I am concerned about inequalities, and funnily enough homelessness is one of the issues that I consider to be a failing within a so-called (over) developed society.

But I don't crack jokes, I don't bring people together, and no-one has ever asked me what my name means. It comes from Greek and it means pure. I daresay if anyone wanted to know they could look it up.

You're Loosely Based!

by Storey Clayton

While most people haven't heard of you, you're a really good and interesting person. Rather clever and witty, you crack a lot of jokes about the world around you.
You do have a serious side, however, where your interest covers the homelessand the inequalities of society.
You're good at bringing people together, but they keep asking you what your name means.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

I did it again with different answers, but the next books were even less like me.

So then I did the animal quiz. Turns out I'm a nasty weasel. I'm still clever though. But I can think of far more weasel-like people than me, who I wouldn't be sorry to see skinned alive.

You're a Weasel!

Cunning and conniving, the only thing darker than your motives is your reputation. People shy away from you, consider you slimy, and warn their children not to make friends with people like you. A rare few have even threatened to skin you alive.
The good news is that you're clever enough to keep away from others for the most part. You are most popular when screeching.

Take the Animal Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

I think I shall stick to reading blogs if I want to waste time rather than doing quizes.

The two blogs by the way are written by health service staff. The first one I read, Random Acts of Reality, is by someone who works for an ambulance service. The second one, Mousethinks, is a charge nurse in A&E - and that's the blog where I found the book quiz so I thought I would give credit where it's due.

I spent a night in A&E once (for work). I was there with a PR hat on because one of the local reporters wanted to do a feature post about the hectic life in an A&E department. It was Friday night and it was the most exciting night of the week. It turned out to be on a par with watching paint dry. I left about 5am for the three-hour journey home.

Fortunately Mousethinks works in a much more lively department so I spent a happy hour or two reading some good stories on the blog.


Frasypoo said...

According to the book quiz I am seemingly boring but am teeming with all sorts of stuff from the insides

Kerrio said...

I only have one thing to say about this.

"Step away from the internet quiz"


Balboa & Mommy said...

Stupid stupid STUPID quiz.

Usually I take them for the fun of it, but this one was just stupid.

Thanks for pointing it out I will make sure I never go to that one.

Blue said...

Really funny this, as I too yesterday did both quiz's having like you found them on another blog.
The resuts were so wacky, I just for once didn't do a post...

Best wishes

Blue said...

Hi again, thought I'd follow your links to the 2 health service blogs you mentioned, but both take me to Mouselinks.... just thought I'd let you know.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Thanks everyone for the comments - and I've changed the link to the ambulance one. I was obviously phased by the quiz results.

I'll be taking Kerrio's advice.....