Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trafalgar Day 21 October 2007

In all the excitement of The Shooting I didn't get round to posting these pictures of Trafalgar Day celebrated every year in Gibraltar's Trafalgar Cemetery.

Photos courtesy of Partner.


Frasypoo said...

Great pics
Nascar is like the indycar racing and I think its one of the no 1 sporting events in the country.The race cars did 320 laps around the track yesterday

Blue said...

I've neglected you & Pippa for ages! Not intentional..just life!
Your shooting post was frightening!Here I am playing virtual, silly,
Graveyard pawty host & you've experienced something really scary!
I'm put in my place!
How's the wrist???
Have no new exercises to forward as Physio sessions cancelled - will probably discharge my-self!

Take care
Pats to Pippa

Anonymous said...

I feel quite emotional looking at these wonderful photos.

Especially the ones with the red coated band members.

Thank you for posting about Trafalgar Day.

Sorry to be a year late though!