Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Metamorphosis of a blog

I started this blog less than a year ago.

As the title suggests - or at least is meant to suggest - it is about me deciding to do something different with my life when I got to 40.

About some of my adventures travelling, my trip on the way down here from the UK, our adventures renting a horrible villa, trying to buy a property in Spain, camping out in a finca with no running water (hence no toilet or bathroom at all), travelling round Spain and Portugal and camping in winter, and the sort of things that start to happen to you at 40. Like your parents dying, deciding what sort of life you want to lead - and knowing there is no going back, well maybe there is but I don't think there is for me. Setting different goals rather than rushing into the office, clambering up the ladder for as high a position as possible and the nice salary and the horrific stress that goes with it.

So far, the only serious posts I have written have been:

Agua de Valencia - about my 40th birthday

The villa from hell about the aforementioned horrible, truly truly stressful - and life-threatening villa

and more recently

My father about the last time I saw my father.

Three serious posts out of 115. The naughty blog has insidiously taken over.

I have ended up writing about my life here in Spain - and since we bought a flat in Gib, life in Gib too. The antics of my neighbours, and some of our off-the-wall conversations here in Spain. Our exciting and resourceful life rescuing bikes out of skips and repairing them.

I have even written about cooking. Is that adventurous? No.

But, I can just about handle writing this sort of stuff, because at least it all gives a relatively honest picture of this Englishwoman living abroad.

I wrote about the Land Rover and swore I would never start a separate Landy blog, after all I was already writing the dog's blog for him. The Land Rovers won, and they too have their own blog or they would have started to dominate this one.

But the straw that broke the camel's back was My 100. I have written 100 things about me. How egotistical is that? It is not British to write 100 things about oneself. Especially on a blog that is not about what I think or feel or did before the age of 40. I am mortified and embarrassed. This blog has a very clear brief, or at least it has in my head, and it is not sticking to it.

So I now have a secret blog. No clicky linky thingies on the sidebar. Even Partner has said he doesn't want the url.

What I think, what I did when I was younger, drivelly stuff like my wedding in Sydney, university, career, friends, family, obnoxious work mates - all the usual sort of stuff - that will be on there. Not here. By which I mean if I feel like writing it up at all I will put it on my secret blog.

There probably won't be much about politics as I find politics too irritating to even consider discussing rationally, and there is highly unlikely to be much about religion. There will be something about my interests. And there will also be some swearing. Not a lot but sometimes I think it is appropriate.

I don't want to offend anyone who visits here - so if you think you want to read any of this stuff, have another read of My 100 and decide if you really want to read the life and opinions of a 40-something non-smoking, vegetarian, left-wing, environmentalist, agnostic, self-opinionated feminist who writes far too many blogs. If so, let me know. I might send you the url.

Oh, and I'm going to take the 100 things down after a few days. It's already on the other blog - where it belongs.

ETA: The 100 has now gone - if you haven't read it you were too slow


Blue said...


I came over to re-read your 100 Facts as I'm stupidly trying to do mine & it's a total mess because like me it's so dis-organised!!!

As I'm so bad @ commenting, it looks as though I don't often visit but I do. As you say you will share your now secret blog, I'd like a glimpse of the early Kate...

And, I do know what you mean about Dali being best in short bursts.

Take care

Jeannie! said...

This is spooky, I mean really spooky! Early last week, to help another Blogger out with a query, I set up a "secret blog", using a different email login, password, the lot.

And I actually have thought to myself that I would start writing stuff on there which I did not want the whole world to see! So am not "copying" .....just happened that way, I could not believe reading your post you had done the same. ;0)

I too, found it difficult writing the 100 at first, then I got into it in a big way. But still I am not happy with it all exposed to everyone who may look in.

I am happy to have the url of your secret one if you wish to give it to me, but perhaps you may want to keep it really secret.

My secret one - the url is hidden on Marvin's, but has nothing in it yet. And as yet I may still take the url off and keep it to myself until I feel happier about the stuff I put on.

Sometimes I cannot really let rip about stuff that annoys me on C C because I know people locally look in.....eeeek!

Sorry, another long comment from me, I must try to get shorter ones.

love and light Jeannie xxxxx

Jeannie! said...

Hi, have just checked my newest one, I set it up on Tuesday 15 is a blank page at the moment.


Frasypoo said...

I am on my way to read the 100!!
I have a secret blog too!

Jeannie! said...

oh its gone! well done!

I could not go out this afternoon, as the weather was rubbish, so have been doing stuff, not on Marvin's, on mine.

There was one thing I wanted to really, really get off my chest, and I have now, although I have changed the names to protect the innocent or not so innocent!

Hope Bill and Ben, and Little Weeeeeed are working hard!

Feel I should sign off by saying

"flobalobdop" but that would be plain silly!

Love and light, Jeannie in Scotland
ps you will need at least a large glass of something or a large cup of coffee to endure my ranting.....

Ferndoggle said...

I wanna be on the secret blog!!! Am I too late???

I've thought about making my blog private so I could vent about stuff (and people) and not have any unknowns read it.


The Brat Pack said...

Oooh, if you're willing to give the url then I would like. :)

I know what you mean. I wish I had never linked mine but I think there are very few people who know of mine besides our little group. I'm going to take the link off my profile too.

Peanut said...

oh haha I made a different profile just for what i consider my private blog and then only gave out the address to you group of girls. If someone links from your blogs no big deal. I just don't want everyone everwhere reading it. Granted I don't say anything on it I wouldn't say in person but it is nice feeling at least that some things are a little private. I would like the secret blog also if you are willing to give it to me

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

checked it out via email etc, all cool with me, will comment later. Good stuff!

J x

Dog lover said...

I love your blog and Pippa's blog! Pippa's blog is the only thing that keeps me cheery at the office!

Keep up the good work!

Dog lover