Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What the council giveth, the council taketh away

The postie came today. She hollered Partner's name. We have a perfectly good postbox that cost a ridiculous amount of euros (50 or something) but they like to give it you personally.

Actually she had to give this to Partner personally. It was from the provincial tax office. It turned out it was notification that the local property tax had increased so the Hacienda has to formally make sure you have received this, ie registered mail.

The postie was panicking. She had already told us that the tax had increased, and so far on her round she was getting a lot of grief. Is the postie responsible for a property tax increase?

Then she panicked because she had to get some form of ID from us to go on the certificate. This all took at least ten minutes standing at the gate and running in and out for passports and bits of ID.

To British readers - the property tax is the equivalent of rates, or council tax.

It is low here. But it has increased a whopping 35%. Or to put it a different way, it has gone up by 50€ or so. I told you it wasn't much.

We used to have to pay a separate tax for rubbish collection. The local green party/left wing alliance - Izquierda Unida - challenged this tax, and the council has had to withdraw it. So the council is lacking a certain amount of income.

Now, here is an easy one. About how much do you think the rubbish tax was? Not hard was it. Around 50€.

We're all waiting for the day when they pay us back for the illegal rubbish taxes that we have already paid. But naturally before the council can do that, they need to get more money in first.

Well, that's our take on it anyway.


Peanut said...

hmm so you are going to be getting your own money back. haha They should just tell everyone they can't afford to pay refunds and leave the property tax where it is. Of course that would never happen

The Brat Pack said...

I had to laugh about the postie panicking and had gotten grief already. Everyone wants to shoot the messenger.

The Brat Pack said...

Oh and that's a lovely postbox. :)

Jeannie! said...

Yes, I am in love with your post box!

Typical blinking councils, you never win with 'em.

You are lucky your postie talks to you (or shouts!) we have a different one every day and they never speak.

Your council tax is low!

love and light from over taxed UK

Jeannie ;0) xxxxx

Frasypoo said...

Its crazier in India!!!
They charge so much crazy taxes and you can usually bribe them and get it reduced!!

Flowerpot said...

great post box - poor postie!

Jeannie! said...

I have put Scotland back where it belongs!!

I was so tired when I did that post last evening.

J x

El Casareño Ingles said...

There have been similar increases here in Casares as well, though daily rubbish collection is already included in the IBI bill.

Our bill went from 50 to 80 euro (which covers both the house and ruina).