Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photo round-up

The creative muse is on holiday. Clarity, who is normally in residence, disappeared when Horrid Head Cold arrived.

So rather than writing some muzzy thoughts - here are some pictures of Gib.

In no particular order..............

Mesembryanthemums providing spring time colour in Gibraltar

Royal gun salute

This was for the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on 21 April. The Royal Gibraltar Regiment was inspected by Peter Caruana.

I was a little disappointed. There were an awful lot of suits around and a shortage of handsome men in uniforms. By which I mean there were no dark blue ones.

Speaking of the Royal Navy - HMS Chatham stopped over in Gib to refuel. Chatham is a type 22 batch 3 frigate, built on the Tyne by Swan Hunter and launched in 1988. She is en route to the Gulf where she will be helping to protect Iraqi oil platforms and territorial waters in support of the United Nations Security Council Regulations and the Government of Iraq. Chatham will also be helping maintain maritime security in the area.

While they were in Gib, the ship's football team lost against a Combined Services team (2-0), and 42 of the crew ran from the dockyard to the top of the Rock. The fastest runner achieved a new record time for the ship of 26 minutes and 6 seconds. Good grief. Well done Petty Officer Dan Bartlett and everyone else taking part in the Rock Run. How amazingly fit. I feel ill thinking about it.

HMS Chatham

Finally to finish off, some views from a trip to Gib waterworks..

A view from the Moorish Castle at the top of town, just at the entrance to the Upper Rock nature reserve

A now unused valve chamber with an amazing interior

And on the other side of the Rock, views from the old water catchment area down towards Catalan Bay. Virtually all the corrugated sheeting has been removed and the 34 acres previously used for catchment is grassland again. Gib's water now comes from a desalination plant.

Sources: Royal Navy website for info about HMS Chatham


Ferndoggle said...

The flowers are definitely my favorite picture. I can't wait for things to start blooming around here!!


Totty Teabag said...

Your picture of your Rock looks like the mirror image of my Rock. They even share the name Ifach. I'd put in a link if I knew how to put a link in a comment. Until I learn, there's a photo on my blog for July 24th 2007.
My lemon lilies came from Lidl. I buy a bag every year when they are on special. Usually they are a good mix of colours, but last year's were all the same.

Cassandra said...

I like all your pics, but most of all the beautiful flower one.

That must have been really hard work, the removal of the corrugated sheets.

The interior pics of the valve chamber are very good too, I cannot imagine anywhere else but in Europe, where they would bother with such beautiful interiors in a valve chamber.

Hope Clarity returns soon, and Horrid Head Cold goes away.

The Prophetress of Doom Who No-one Believed. ;0D