Friday, May 09, 2008

Too young....and too soon

We walked down Queensway last night, as we often do with the dog.

It was full of police. In fact, the road was full of police from Trafalgar Cemetery onwards. And the roads were blocked off and diverted.

When we walked past the pedestrian crossing on Queensway there was an officer clearly measuring up the distance and the marks.

When we walked back in the other direction Partner saw the blood. Lots of it. All over the road.

We walked down again tonight and saw the teenage boys putting flowers on the post at the crossing where their mate had died.

Rumour has it that he came off when the rider was doing wheelies and the boy was killed by a car.

RIP. Too young and too soon.


Kaiser Chef said...

Having recently experienced the loss of a young friend of my son, this post resonated very much with me.

Too Young Too Soon.



James said...

I remember losing a friend in high school. He was one of the few who rode a motorcycle. He had a helmet but it was hanging on his handlebars when he was struck by a car.

Youth and thoughts of immortality go hand in hand. Most of us make it. We shouldn't forget those who don't.


JB's Big World said...

When you are young you feel indestructable. Sad story this is.
--JB's mom

The Brat Pack said...

Such a sad story and all too common unfortunately.