Monday, June 23, 2008


And following on from Gucci.....we have Oasis. Another UK high street fashion store which opened in Gib this month.

As Partner was working there on the elaborate interior decoration, he took the opportunity to take a few pix before it opened.

Like all chain stores, it has to fit in with the corporate image, and Oasis in Gib needs to look like Oasis in Regent Street.

This is not a couple of coats of white matt emulsion whacked on the walls. Oh no.

Specially mixed paint, Lincrusta panelling (put up by Partner of course, which luckily he has done before) and an exclusive huge chrysanthemum logo on the walls.

To make their job even more difficult, the huge chrysanthemum was self-adhesive so there was no flexibility and no margin for error. Just as well they got it right. So here are the pix of their craft work. And some clothes pictures to finish with, seeing as it is a clothes shop.

And if anyone in Gib notices a disproportionate amount of construction tradesman lurking amid the flounces and frills of Oasis, it's almost certainly some of Partner's colleagues going to look at the finished decorating rather than floral frocks.

His colleague, a joiner, outside the shop.

The joiner moving one of the panels.

Admiring their work.

Columns in the middle of the shop, which now have Lincrusta inside the moulding.

Window dressing.

And a few more clothes.

And more ...... and a nice long shot of the chrysanthemums.


Anonymous said...

They are lovely pictures of the decoration inside the shop, it must have been hard work to get it just right.

J x

The Brat Pack said...

Wow, I would have ran out screaming after trying to put that chrysanthemum up. The finish out looks great.

It doesn't look like a shop I would have imagined there for some reason though.

James said...

Congrats to Spain again! The Euro Cup then Nadal. Now we need Sergio to win the British Masters for a Spanish hat trick. And the Tour de France. Four in a row for a Spanish Summer!


Blue said...

Blog Award to you - it's for writing!


Frasypoo said...

I love the chrysanthemums.