Sunday, July 13, 2008

A bottle of water

Went to the local shop the other day. Wanted some soft drinks. Fought my way into the shop past some very strong and warlike Scandinavians who had descended from a cruise ship.

Then fought my way to the fridge past two of the younger Viking warriors who were taking an inordinate amount of time to get a bottle of water.

Went to the till which involved weaving around eight of these fearsome people. Like I am tall with broad shoulders but I felt a tiny little wimp in the midst of these SuperPeople.

Hola, says me to shopkeeper.

Hi how are you? he responds.

Fine, thanks. You?

It takes the whole fucking family to buy one bottle of water, he said quietly. And rolled his eyes.

Que pases un buen día, says me, and walked out laughing. Well, when I had fought my way past the tribe of warriors.

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Anonymous said...

"See you tomorrow, have a nice day".

I am learning Spanish just by reading your blog!

A of S