Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dysfunctional .... and not another blog?

I have become dysfunctional.

This is as a result of leaving the embarrassing Gucci glasses behind at the finca in Spain.

The truth is that I do not feel as efficient in my (buy one) get one free pair. They are not bad, but they do not give me that forceful and efficient look.

I left the others behind because I decided to wear contact lenses for my trip back. So once I had put them in I promptly forgot to put my glasses in the travel bag.

Anyway, as I never intended this to be a blog about roadworks or glasses I have started a new blog because I don't have enough really.

It is fictional. Well, sort of fictional. It started off being based on someone, but my main character has morphed totally into a figment of my imagination.

So, if you are bored with glasses and roadworks (as dear reader, am I), check out Leonard's activities here. It's on the sidebar too. It is slightly off the wall, although maybe not to dog-bloggers. I have warned you.


Anonymous said...

oh sorry to hear about the glasses fiasco.

I have bogof ones too, and the free pair make me look like Edna Everage.

Leonard has got me curious.

Little Girl With The Curl

Cassandra said...

Sadly I am already regretting starting the other one, I think I need A K Therapy when she has time.....what is it with me and blogs??????? I kinda answered my own question yesterday, then what did I do? You guessed it, already not happy bunny.

I await Theraputic Advice.......


Great Destinations,Great Food said...

Hi Kate
Frasier and I have retired from blogging!!Due to a lack of nothing exciting happening in our lives !And in a PMS induced fit,the blogs were all deleted!!!
Still have the food and makeup blog
Thanks for checking in
Frasier and Joyce