Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rosia to Europa - and MV Fedra

So after a quick break, onwards to Europe Point.

Around from Rosia Bay is Camp Bay. In summer it is full of loungers and full swimming pools. In winter it is still busy as children play in the empty pools and everyone enjoys the winter sun.

Looking back down the coast towards Parsons Battery.

And round towards Little Bay...someone else enjoying the winter sun.

Then the walk through the tunnel.....

..... to emerge at Europa Point, just by the mosque.

Looking across to Morocco.

I was interested to see what had happened to the remains of the MV Fedra, which ended up on the rocks in the storm on 10 October 2008. Link here to earlier post.

Part of it was still there.

As I was looking at it, someone who was parked up started talking to me.

"He was emborracha (drunk)," he said. Well, who knows?

The other story I have heard is that the captain was asked to put the ship on the rocks as it was worthless. These sort of stories always go around. The other option is that it was a very bad storm- which it was - and maybe bad luck for that ship that night.

Not my job to judge, someone else can do that. At least there was no loss of life and the rescue services did an excellent job in terrible conditions.

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Scarlett said...

well I called in for sunshine and got it!

Also, rumours always do the rounds on this kind of happening don't they?

I guess for some people rumours make the world more interesting!

Super Shots as they say, in some places......... ;0)