Sunday, April 12, 2009


Three euros for a huge piece of potato and onion tortilla, some bread, and a large glass of red wine. (Algeciras bus station)

It's good to live with a professional decorator, even if spending his spare time painting the flat isn't his idea of fun.

Spring flowers.

HMS Argyll, in Gib over the Easter weekend for some minor repairs.

More about HMS Argyll here, courtesy of Gibfocus.


sigh said...

I like the pretty flowers :)

Scarlett said...

third pic up from the bottom? I have this plant in a pot outside on the patio, bought it in Cornwall last year, it is so pretty and kinda "devil" plant like.

Kept it inside the front porch all winter out of frost harm, but it seems to be flourishing outside in the sunshine now.

Wondered what it was called, as I have lost the tag for it?

nice pics. Good shots as they say............;0D