Thursday, May 21, 2009

Geocaching - part 2

So, back at the flat and preparing lunch/tea/a meal. Note to everyone – geocaching is hunger-inducing.

Out of the blue, Partner suddenly says, 'After we've eaten, why don't we go and get that cache you could never find?'

Truth was, I had made plans to do nothing with the rest of the day in a beautifully idle fashion. I thought I had been out, done a bit of walking, got some fresh air, navigated us around, taken photos – what more does a woman need to do?

Partner never offers to go walking on Sunday afternoon/evening. Chance not to be missed. He was obviously determined to find a cache on his first day of geocaching.

We agreed to eat, walk dog, and then climb up the Rock to find the elusive (to me) Devil's Gap cache. And that is what we did.

Just another Gib view

Spring flowers

Traipsing up the track

When we arrived there, we poked around the canons. There were two lads lying on one of them smoking dope. We said 'Hi' and then waited for them to leave.

Partner sat on some cement structure in a martial arts pose. I faffed around with the GPS unit.

We had done our homework and looked at all the photos and read the entries on the geocaching site. We looked at the spot where it was supposed to be hidden. Definitely not there.

I consulted the all-important GPS and suggested Partner look a few feet away. He did. I continued to look in the spot where it was meant to be.

'FOUND IT!!' came the triumphant shout. He proudly displayed the plastic box and we hurried to open it up and look at the treasure trove. We were so excited that I forgot to log in, so technically he was the only one who had found it. He chucked a couple of coins in, and we didn't take anything. Off we skipped down the hill, like two happy kids.

He was right. He had managed to find it.

Partner with treasure

At the weekend we thought we would tackle Sohail Castle in Fuengirola. Not a chance. We couldn't park, you couldn't take dogs, and it was too hot to leave Pippa in the Landy. We did park up not too far away to eat our sarnies, but decided that there were too many people around for one of us to even attempt a cache.

So in the afternoon, after we'd eaten, I decided another hike up to Devil's Gap was called for so I could add my name to the log book. Not a soul around. I took a plastic frog and will put him in Spain somewhere. Oh, and I finally managed to find it without a GPS. After all, not much point taking it when I knew where to look.

The track

Looking down to the Convent

Looking across to Africa


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I heard my mom telling Summii's Mummii about your peeps looking fur geo khatz and how disappointed woo were there weren't any!

Summii's mummii and daddii got hooked on it thanks to Holly The MalAMute's peeps!

Khyra and/or her mom

Anonymous said...

I particularly like the last picture!

Not going to comment on the geocatzing though, not at the moment.

Scarlett Who Is Flouncy ;0D