Friday, July 03, 2009


As readers of Pippa's blog may have discovered, we cleared off to the finca for a week's holiday. Given that I don't do any paid work (and very little of any other work), holiday is perhaps not the right word for my week away.

But it was intended to be a week off for my partner who has been working solid for 15 months. He's a decorator. So what better way to spend your holiday? And birthday?

We cleared the garden of all the overgrown stuff, including heavy pruning of some nispero trees, and painted the terrace walls, inside and out - which was long overdue.

Even I was seen to get out a roller and paint brush - haven't picked up a paint brush in years (why bother when married to a decorator) - and never touched a roller before.

Which reminds me - classic boring decorator's joke 'Brush up on your sex life: roll with a painter.' Yawn.

It wasn't all painting and gardening, I did a tiny bit of cleaning. We managed two or three cycle rides, and one geocache. More on that later.

And we ate well, mostly salads, pulses, and marinated pimientos.

So here are few more pix from our birthdays, mostly his. Mine for another post.


Yellow roses at night (obviously)

Painting the walls

All my very own efforts

Quick stop for a birthday drink

Birthday (his) evening meal on the terrace

Tranquility at night

More painting on my birthday

Birthday (mine) breakfast - oops the tablecloth has been swapped for a dust sheet

Up into the hills for a cache

My original Hal Apple who was becoming rather cantankerous over the week


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We humans soooo confuse our canines, eh?

Khyra's Mom

Jeannie said...

I particularly like the picture "painting the walls", the view (well apart from Partner The Painter!) reminds me of villas we have used in Feurteventura, Portugal and Lanzarote.

Every time you put a picture on of your food, I get so hungry, cheese on toast on Pippa's and yummy meal on here!

On the all your own work photo, on the right, is that what we call here a Money Plant. I have one in the conservatory, it has grown immensely since getting it last year.

Belated Happy Birthdays to you both too!

J ;0D

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

oh just noticed the picture of the fresh die for!

roughseasinthemed said...

We call it a money plant too :D

The ones I have now are descended from one that a neighbour was throwing out back in the UK, and He Who Can Not Bear Anything To Go To Waste, rescued it. They are really pretty when they flower with little tiny delicate white flowers.