Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sometimes ....

... words really can't express how you feel.

So here is a photo. Chiaroscuro? The light and the dark?

But there are some places where the sun won't shine any more.


Scarlett said...

atmospheric photo indeed.

we have sunshine here in the Deep South. Always.

I can send you some if you like!

Btw I adore, simply adore, this music on here.

I am sucking on a Mint Julep while I listen. Indeed, very soothing.

Scarlett ;0D

Robert said...

Enjoyed the Blog, have a good Summer,
Regards Mandy and Rob

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

i emailed you to see how you were, but I realise you are busy, however, our computer went down with a collapse two days ago, not for long, only a few mins happily, but when I got it back up running it said any emails received since it was down would not be shown. Bloody bossy computers.

So if you did reply, I didn't get it, if you didn't doesn't matter, as long as you are all ok? Been worried about you.

No pressure, no worries, just hope all is well.

Still love love love this song on here!