Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Round the town and down the coast

No history today - but some urban and coastal walks.

There are quite a few geocaches in the Rincon de la Victoria/La Cala del Moral area. They are all easy to get to and easy to find, and involve a shortish but pleasant walk.

First at Rincon is the Casa Fuerte de Bezmiliana, which dates from the second half of the eighteenth century and was built as part of the coastal defence system in the area. This also included the nearby Torre de El Cantal, which I mention below.

Nowadays it hosts exhibitions, and other cultural activities and provides a pleasant place to wander in the centre of busy Rincon.

Fortress at Rincon

Moving onto another urban area - La Cala del Moral, somewhere we've driven through but never stopped. This was a nice easy multi-cache which started at the church, then visited a tranquil plaza, and ended at the spectacular fountain which marks the entrance to La Cala.


Fountain (trip to the top was FAR too high up!!)

The remaining two caches were posted by the same family, and are within easy walking distance of each other on the limestone promontory of El Cantal. This is between Rincon and La Cala, and underneath are the famous Treasure Caves (visited via Rincon).

We visited the Treasure Caves years ago, and we've been through Rincon and La Cala so many times, but I never knew this promontory existed - it's quite well hidden from the road - and the walkway is an absolute gem.

The short promenade was converted from the old railway line a few years ago and is cut deep into the cliff and has three spectacular tunnels. But there is also a cliff top walk - so you can take the cliffs one way and return on the promenade. The railway line was built in the early 20th century and ran from Málaga to Torre del Mar, and was then extended up into the hills to Ventas de Zafarraya. It seems Spain had their own era of Beeching cuts - it was dismantled in the sixties.

This was such a brilliant walk with wonderful views. Finding pots of tat treasure is fun, but what really makes geocaching worthwhile is getting out to places you wouldn't otherwise visit. El Cantal is definitely one of my favourite cache spots. Thanks to the SanBa family for showing us this absolutely beautiful location.

La Torre de El Cantal

Looking down on the walk

Don't know how I made it over this bridge - looked full of holes from underneath

Gone fishin' ?

The beautiful promenade

... and again ...

Oh for a swim!

Pausing before entering one of the three impressive tunnels

See how the tunnel was carved out of the rock?

And back around down to the beach

Oh, this must have been tea !! Or supper, or dinner or whatever you want to call it. Anyway, a perfect avocado.


Dina ... UK said...

That looks like my kind of dream place, and the tea, super or dinner..:)

Katherine and Pippa said...

Sorry Green Jeannie, didnt mean to delete you, but at least I had the email, so you are partially restored...

Heaven truly is a perfect Avocado imho.

Lovely photos, thank you for sharing.

Meant to tell you, on our way down to York, we were listening to Radio 4 and there was a programme on about Extreme Geo Caching, which proved very fascinating. Esp to HWMNBO cos he didn't know much about any kind of caching let alone extreme.

J x

TJ AND ALIA said...

very interesting photos :)

Colin Hamilton said...

Know Gibraltar and Costa well...former BBC World Service and BFBS. Now in Mexico and when I can shed two properties I think I shall probably head over there on a permanent basis.