Sunday, August 07, 2011


We were too idle to wander down to the lunchtime rally of Harley Davidsons in Casemates yesterday.

It was the sixth international rally with hundreds of bikes gathering in Gib.

For the first time, the bikers left the square for a tour around the Rock - so we didn't need to go and see the rally - it virtually came past our front door.

The unmistakeable sound of not one but hundreds of Harleys came roaring up Main Street (the wrong way !!) so I shot out to get a few pix.

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Ashleigh said...

Just you do siestas in the Gib? Being a British territory, obviously there's lot of British influence, i'm sure, but I'm wondering how much influence Spanish culture has inthe Gib...just wondering if all those noisy hogs messed with anyone's nap! Hahaha