Thursday, April 26, 2007

The cockerel - at last

Juan turned up on his quad. With his mate on the back, and another mate. And a cockerel. Three guys and a cockerel on a quad.

It took them an hour and a half to catch him the night before apparently.

So then they all trooped off into the shed to look at our chickens. Juan was impressed with the little one, Jimena.

Round here they call them inglés, probably because they are independent, aggressive, and want to go some place where the grass is greener.

He has a cockerel of the same breed, and thinks it would be an awfully good idea to put them together. An even better idea if we did a swap and gave her to him.

"They are very dear to buy," he said. And we could see the euros going through his mind as he started to offer all his family away in exchange.


So that's why we got the cockerel. Hmmm.

Anyway he is very cute. He is not inglés. He is obviously a mix and worth nothing to Juan. He must have a load of them.

The new cockerel is young and clearly frightened of Jimena who is well in charge of the chicken shed and has been for some time.

Husband told Juan he could bring his cockerel here for a while and see what happens. He'll need to be tough and fast to get anywhere near Jimena.

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