Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fridges in Spain

Is it me or is the specification for Spanish fridges just different?

We bought a perfectly good (electrolux?) fridge freezer many years ago in the UK. One or two days before we were due to go on holiday we noticed a mega hole out the back.

So we rushed off and bought a new one. As our neighbour used to say: "Everyone else has to worry whether and when they can afford a new fridge/washing machine/whatever. You two have the dilemma of deciding between AEG and Bosch."

So we bought an AEG. It was pretty good. Top rated energy efficiency, looked nice, sound recycling policy. And when it came it had a knock on the side, so the guy promptly offered us forty quid cash as compensation.

Yes we took it. And yes, it was legit, we signed for it and got a letter later.

It worked pretty well until the door seal went. Fortunately within 12 months. But they didn't fit a new seal. Oh no. It was a new door. There was no quibble, so good service and efficient fridge (even better with a new seal).

Fast forward to Spain. We left the UK fridge behind. The guy buying our house seemed to want it as he was being pressurised to leave his behind. For the sake of a fridge we didn't feel like a house purchase falling through.

And we bought one here. AEG as it had been good in the UK. Top energy rating yet again. Good recycling policy. Appalling badly fitting water collector at the back of the fridge that has to be emptied manually every week in winter and more often in summer.

We've seen others, in other people's homes. Similar different specification. Maybe the spec has to be lower because the prices here are certainly less than we paid in the UK. The door seal is ok so far (touch wood and it's out of warranty now anyway).

Heigh-ho the weather is warming up, so no doubt I will be on regular fridge duty for the next six months.

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