Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another win........

The Spanish election has been and gone (on Sunday). The Partido Socialista, led by Zapatero, has won another term, and consequently the main opposition, led by Rajoy (at least for now), has another uphill struggle ahead of them.

Even though Spain is suffering a comparative recession, it hasn't particularly hit most people. And the ones it has hit are likely to vote socialist anyway. My next door neighbour, in and out of work on building sites, for example. He either supports the Partido Andalucista in regional elections, or the Partido Socialista.

Apparently Zapatero is planning to focus on jobs and economic growth. Whether or not his government will be successful or not largely depends on the international scene, and global economics - hence the current credit problem affecting the Spanish housing market and construction boom.

Anyway as I can't vote here, although I'm registered, it all tends to pass me by. (Registered foreigners can only vote in the very local elections, eg the equivalent of local council ones).

Onto something I can influence - but only to a limited degree.

What isn't passing me by is the endless succession of mosquitoes that keep sneaking into the house.

OK, so I don't use spray, and I don't use those funny things that you plug in while you are sleeping, that secrete deadly chemicals into the atmosphere to kill mosquitoes and goodness knows what else. Me probably, eventually.

So we start shutting the door mid-afternoon, and only sneaking out for essential tasks, like walking the dog, or picking some herbs out of the garden.

But at some point during the night, one of us will hear it. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzz. Zzzzzzzz. We promptly dive under the covers for the rest of the night.

Under cover

Then with any luck, Amos* clears off into the rest of the house, and we can spot him resting during the day. Partner swats him and splats him all over the ceiling. (Not all the time - about a 50% success rate these days - used to be 100% when he was younger and his eyesight was better).

We have a peaceful night's sleep. The house is mosquito free.

The next day we hear the zzzzzzzzz again. Dive under the covers. And so it starts again. How come mosquitoes are so intelligent? In the morning they've even been known to follow us out and buzz round us while we are having a leisurely browse on the internet.

You win one day. Or lose. Either way you have to start all over again the next. Bit like politics really.

If there is really anyone out there who hasn't heard it:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Amos who?
A mosquito. Boom boom.


jean said...

I haven't heard that knock knock joke and it made me smile this morning!

Perhaps you should just install me in your garden, just outside of your back door......I attract Amos types like nobody else on this earth.

I could just catch 'em all for you.

Although on second thoughts, Nah!

No chance!

Interesting info about the elections and the registered voting for foreigners.

J x

James said...

Hi, Kate.

Great knock knock.

I've been SLOWLY reading through your wonderful blogs. Question. How do you find the time to do such a wondrous job with all of them? I am very envious. You and Greg Lee of Dogs With Blogs must have several pairs of hands and an extra mind sitting on a shoulder.

And thank you for the great photos we blog miners get to see.

We miss our fun times in Spain and Gibraltar. We remember them fondly. We appreciate your firsthand accounts as local citizens.

Now I must get back to the 'studio' and rescue my lighthouse painting.

Thanks again.