Monday, October 27, 2008

Wicked partner

A couple of tourists were talking about Trafalgar Day (21 Oct) which I wrote about here in October last year.

Partner was eavesdropping as usual. Apparently the couple was confused about the battle. Have to say I am too, as it is not my period of history but it seems that the Brits under Nelson were fighting a joint fleet of French and Spanish ships.

Anyway, Partner walked past with the dog and said "Good evening" in his best British accent.

Whereupon the tourist said: "All the foreigners who live here can speak perfect English."

Partner decided to be doubly difficult and said: "Gracias, que pases un buen noche."

Whereupon they looked very confused.

His other line is usually, "Even when they come from the valleys." (of Wales).

I do hope he isn't putting off the tourists.


Frasypoo said...

All in a days worth of tourism !
He should be on the brochures!
Frasier sends woofs Pippas way

Language Lab Rat said...

ha ha ha! Your Partner makes me laff!

Especially the Welsh bit........

Some of the English can be so conceited with their attitude abroad.

Singing off.........

And thanks to a nice evening I have enjoyed this post immensely.

Language Lab Rat

Anna Stasia said...

Tourists! They are the work of the devil.

ps I am back from my holiday, it has been written about on that stupid blog of S.

Do not take any notice of what that southern belle says about me, it is all falsehood.

Blogs are also the work of the devil.