Thursday, December 11, 2008


Just a quick note to say that I have been in Spain for the past however long.

But sadly when we arrived the router was not working.

Some of our neighbours told us there had been a lot of electricity surges and power cuts recently - often happens in severe rain.

It's probably equally likely though that the router was programmed to self-destruct shortly after the warranty finished.

Or as the guy from Telefonica said on the 'phone: "You expired last month madam."

Anyway despite his promises that I would receive a new one the following week, I didn't.

Three 'phone calls later, still no result, so headed back to Gib. Where all appears well. And I can indulge in catching up.

Oh, and at the local library where I called on the days I was in town, two out of three computers had an avería - broken down. And of course there was always someone on, and I was too busy to sit around waiting for them to finish faffing around.

So more posts later about my exciting holiday..........


Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

I have had an unbelievably busy day, but all my tasks are done.

It is Cava everyday from now on..........


An interested personage

Anonymous said...

lookin forward to news of your holiday .........a personage of little life but happy

Frasypoo said...

I saw the words "back" and thought that you had thrown your back out !
Kisses to Pippa