Monday, December 01, 2008

Good news, bad news

Congratulations to Gibtelecom for reintroducing an apprenticeship scheme.

I am all in favour of young people getting skills and qualifications through an apprenticeship programme.

Apparently the last telecommunications apprenticeships were in 1981 - 25 years ago, when three apprentices were taken on. This year Gibtelecom has taken on eight.

But wait. A careful look at the picture shows eight men. Not a single woman. Why am I not surprised?

Disappointed yes, but not surprised.

This is not a criticism of Gibtelecom. I have no idea of whether any women applied.

And that is the problem. Women are still expected to go for gender traditional jobs - and being a telecommunications engineer isn't one of them.


Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

I know, after all these years, it is all still going on in the same old way.

I wonder if the schools promote equality enough, even in these enlightened times.

Hope you having a good day.

Letty ;0) Who has been busy.........for a change not on the computer either!!

Frasypoo said...

It' s suprising is' nt it?
Recently a lady told me that she was passed up for promotion because she was not a "boy" which shocked me as I did not realise attitudes like that still existed.

Anna Stasia said...

Hey? I am really worried about you.....

are you doing a disappearing act, or do you have internet probs, or have you turned into Greta Garbo....

you know "I vant to be alone".

No pressure, just quite worried about your silence. Quite understand if you want some time out, just not like you to be so quiet.

Anna Stasia Without Any Gin