Friday, March 20, 2009


When stuck for what to eat, beans are always a good choice.

Chilli red beans with rice, and salad.

Refried red beans with flour tortillas, green salad and guacamole.

Sweet and sour red beans with rice - well usually just sour for our taste - and some raw pickle.

Last night we had sour red beans, ie beans with chillis and vinegar - only had balsamic vinegar in the cupboard, but it worked well as it added a slightly sweet flavour without tasting sugary. Couldn't resist chucking in a few more spices though, so it ended up being hot, spicy and sour beans - with rice.

There was a little rice left and a few beans - just right for my lunch today. Except they had been stolen for someone else's breakfast when I was snoozing away.

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Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

yum! I love beans. Except for the "baked variety" in tom sauce, yuk!

This recipe looks very tasty, will give it a go.

I made chicken and avocado risotto last eve, (I had a version of it in Aus - and it was delish), so gave it a try at home.

Next time, I will do it as a veggie dish, the chicken was nice but to be honest the veg was enough with the rice.

Sweetcorn, green pepper, garlic, and fresh toms, sauteed in olive oil, then added the arborio rice and fried it all up, then stock (veggie), and some wine, gradually added.

Finally added the chopped avocado at the end, it was just very good and so simple. Chicken was superfluous to be honest.

ok Recipe Queen singing off, hungry now!

J x