Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In with the new

There is always something changing in Gib.

You can't walk down Main Street without seeing yet another shop changing hands, and the inside being gutted for a refurb. Or, even in spite of the downturn in the construction business, there are still plenty of flats being built.

Endless changes to the roads, with the Trafalgar interchange finally completed at the end of last year, and the Dudley Ward Tunnel open again, it's now the turn of Devil's Tower Road as work has started on making it into a dual carriageway as part of the new airport development.

Sometimes the smaller developments make just as much difference in daily life though.

The market hall has recently had a revamp. It's a nice old building and could have done with tidying up some time ago. It certainly looks very different now in its - er - new colour scheme, for want of a better description.

But the one thing I liked about it were the entrance pillars that said in the three languages - mercado, market, marché. Gone, demolished. Yes there is some nice open space there, but I loved the trilingual designation of the market.

The new look

Going .. going ....

Regular readers of my blogs will, by now, have decided without a doubt that I have a fixation with bus stops. And buses in general. This may well be the case, but when you use them they become important.

Mostly we walk round Gib but there is the odd occasion when we hop on the bus, (Gus). There is a very good, regular and cheap bus service here. In fact it's a shame more people don't use it instead of clogging up the roads with their cars.

The bus shelter near to us was in bad need of repair though. Of the six or eight panels that provided shelter from the wind and the rain, I think about two remained. It was neither use nor ornament.

Well, suddenly, new bus shelters suddenly started appearing everywhere. Not just at our stop which was in dire need of repair or replacement - but all over Gib. And I have to say that for once, I actually approve of the design. They look very smart. Do hope the panels stay in for a few months, at least.

Old one

Workies taking away the old one, new one lurking just behind

And one of the new ones - our local shelter

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Bree said...

your new bus shelters look very swish. I always feel like I am slummy it if I take public transport... the last time I caught a bus I and all the other passengers heard all about the girl up the back of the bus pap smear ugh!!